Filing Options

Complete contact-less filing with our Secure Client Portal (SCP).  Just call or email to request an invitation to our Portal.  You will get an email from Murph Tax with an invitation to set-up a personal account, where you can upload your documents and conveniently work with our CPA by Secure Message and phone, for a totally contact-less experience.  Once your return is ready, you’ll get a draft of your tax return to review, sign and approve.

Drop-off/Pick-up.  Get all of your tax documents ready and drop-off your documents during normal business hours, it only takes a few minutes.  You’ll be able to approve your return with our Secure Client Portal without coming back into the office.  We can also schedule in office appointment to review and talk to our CPA who will answer any questions you might have before approving, and return your original documents.

*** Face-to-Face appointments ***  We will have limited face-to-face appointments to complete your tax return all in 1 session. Appointments will be on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday ONLY.


All new clients should make available a copy of prior year tax return (for comparison purposes) and current drivers license (for Identity theft protection purposes). If you want Direct Deposit of a potential refund also have name of bank, routing number, and account number.

If your drivers license has been renewed since last years filing, have new drivers license information available.




Murph Accounting & Tax Services LLC will be preparing your Tax return and scheduling a pick-up meeting to review, sign, and return documents.
Encourage drop off/pick-up & portal services
Allow face to face meeting only if have an appointment
If you are not feeling healthy, have had recent contact with someone with COVID 19 or have a fever - CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT
Clients will be provided a sanitized pen to sign off on documents and put it in the dirty pen cup when completed

Secure Client Portal

Murph Tax has implemented a Secure Client Portal (SCP) to exchange documents and tax returns with our clients.

Exisitng clients can request an invite to the Murph Tax SCP by e-mailing with your name and e-mail address.
New Clients would need to call at (847) 963-1040.

Murph Tax Portal

Returning Portal Users CLICK Icon to access the Murph Tax Secure Client Portal

About Murph Tax

Experienced Certified Public Accountant

Long-time Member of Palatine Chamber of Commerce

Family Owned Local Small Business

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OVER 40 Years Experience

  • Patrick Murphy is my go-to every time tax season rolls around. He is extremely efficient and responsive!
    Thalía Vaillant
  • Patrick is great! He always does my taxes and I have no complaints. Always gets done things right, efficiently and is very responsive to any question that I may have. I definitely recommend him.
  • 5
    very knowledgeable and listen to my needs. He wasnt trying to rush me out the door, took his time to learn who i was and where he can help me with my taxes. Will be sending family and friends over, thanks Patrick
    Loi Diep
  • 5
    Patrick is the guy. He always makes sure he's doing the best he can for you.
    Raymond Carson
  • Patrick is one of the most professional accountants I've ever worked with (and I have had my taxes done by a Big 4 on one occasion). He diligently explains what he is doing, and his recap on your personal income taxes is very informative. My first year using him, I thought he made a mistake, as I had done a dry run of my taxes using a web-based provider, and it turns out the web-based provider was wrong.
    Andrew J
  • This was my first time using him. After reading the reviews i decided to try him. I was a little concerned because he runs his business solo. And i had to reachnout to him after dropping my taxes off. He did my taxes in no time and my return was deposited within 2 weeks. I was shocked. The fee he charged me was great too! Nice guy as well. He is worth the wait.
    Susan H
  • Nothing but positive things to say about Murph Accounting. Highly recommend this honest,...
    Marcia G
  • 5
    When I called Murph Tax the owner immediately answered the phone. He had me in for an appointment the very next day. Patrick (the owner) was able to quickly and professionally walk through each part of the return, explaining his steps one by one. I work a day job and also operate a small business. Patrick told me exactly what I needed to bring with me before the appointment; so there was no driving back and forth to gather missing documents. Once all was said and done with my appointment, I probably only spent 35 to 40 mins. It was a great experience and I will definitely be returning next year. Thanks Patrick!
    Tyler Powell
  • 5
    I cannot say enough about Patrick Murphy. After my current tax firm canceled my appointment I found Murph Tax Services. I checked him out Online and then called. I found Patrick to be knowledgeable and reasonably priced. He was able to get my returns done in a few days; and they were perfect. I highly recommend this firm. On top of that Patrick was very pleasant given our rush.
    Bradley K
  • 5
    Nice guy! explained everything, deff reccommend
    Rachel Remington
  • 5
    Called in the week before taxes were due (I was missing a document, hence the delay), so Patrick advised me to file for an extension, and gave me an appointment for the week after taxes were due. Sat down and I went from a deficit to a positive return in no time. His rates are super reasonable and I'll be back again next year and I'll be bringing more customers with me.
    John L
  • 5
    Just met Patrick today and had our taxes done. Incredibly efficient, incredibly professional, and incredibly customer service oriented. We appreciated that he was able to accommodate us and, despite it being so late in the tax season, he had such charm and wit about him that we instantly knew that we would be back for years to come. He gave us great advice to keep in mind for the next year.
    Broto S
  • 5
    Always gets me through a mess in a much easier path that I envisioned.
    Carl Bormet
  • 5
    Reasonable price and efficient. Patrick does a great job.
    paula vitale
  • 5
    Just met Patrick today and had our taxes done. Incredibly efficient, incredibly professional, and incredibly customer service oriented. We appreciated that he was able to accommodate us and, despite it being so late in the tax season, he had such charm and wit about him that we instantly knew that we would be back for years to come. He gave us great advice to keep in mind for the next year.
    Jess A
  • 5
    Walked in after years of spending $1200/year doing taxes. Price was more than 1/4th less and service was better. I've aaked other questions throughout the year as it's related to business and personal expenses and Pat "Murph" Murphy has been really helpful. Glad to use him and recommend his services especially if you have preparation complications.
    psyy ng
  • 5
    Best accountant I've used in over 20 years!
    Denise Frendreis
  • 5
    Patrick runs a professional,knowledgeable and efficient tax service. I'm very impressed.
    Jennifer R
  • Patrick has been doing my taxes for a few years now and couldn't, be happier with how he handles everything. He is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain everything. Patrick also prepares you for your future taxes with things you could do to simplify them. I'm always impressed with his approach and how he puts you at ease.
    Mike Y
  • 5
    Patrick was great. He not only did my tax return but showed me what I needed to do so that I could do them myself next year. Who does that?! He was very professional, reasonably priced, on time, efficient... I highly recommend him.
    M G
  • 5
    I am so glad I found Patrick. He was able to help me with a tax situation that I didn't understand save me a good deal of money. His knowledge of taxes was very impressive. I will definitely going to him next year and for many years to come.
    Hombre N.
  • 5
    Murph is as good as it gets!!!! Extremely knowledgeable and the price is certainly right!!! Love him!!!
    Leslie C
  • I used Murph Accounting last year and plan to be back again this year. It was a very pleasant and easy experience. I just don't like to do my taxes. I always feel like I am going to miss something so I went to Murph and he made the experience painless, easy and quick. I made an appointment and he was on time and very thorough. I felt confident in his knowledge and years of experience. He also helped me adjust some things for the next year to maximize my filing. He is also very pleasant and easy to talk to. It was overall a very good experience and I would recommend him to anyone who doesn't have the time or want to bother with preparing their own taxes.
    Sherri A
  • Nice.. Nice to see small businesses grow.
    Nimaj Y
  • 5
    Patrick Murphy is a consummate professional and a great accountant. We have used him for years and he has always done a great job for us. He is very personable. I would strongly recommend him for any of your needs.
    Jeffrey K
  • 5
    Let me say this up front, I dread getting taxes done!! Patrick quickly put us at ease by sharing his tax consultant journey with us and then made quick work of reviewing last years return where he identified an oops in our favor. Patrick completed our return quickly before asking us questions which frankly neither of us could recall being asked prior. The questions were all related to donations, etc. Patrick gave us realistic advice on how and what to track which we put into practice that very afternoon! He finished our appointment by stating if you need me I'm here, even though I don't keep regular hours in the tax off season I'm available to meet with clients. His fee was very reasonable, money frankly well earned. Patrick is a professional, personable, efficient one man tax consultant who we'll be seeing again next year.
    Marney M
  • 5
    Dealing with Patrick was great! He was very detailed in his correspondence with me, very prompt and straight forward. I highly recommend using his services to anyone as you should know he's looking out for your best interests. Thank you Patrick!
    Brian A